Would it be better to sell directly to international clients or to find some Agents abroad?

Would it be better to find a country distributor or to open a branch office abroad?

Nowadays, the internationalization phenomenon is widely spread among Italian entrepreneurs. Simposio assists Italian enterprises in export businesses:

It helps enterprises in selecting the best foreign markets suitable for the specific client’s field of action, finding the best ways to access them (no more than 3 foreign markets for the first experience).

It helps enterprises in managing the first foreign contacts with potential clients/business partners in their local language, scheduling and managing meetings in the selected Countries or directly in the Italian headquarters in order to end negotiations.

It also helps enterprises in the logistic and administrative operations abroad, for visa requests, special permits and agreements management.

The internationalization process follows a precise course described and managed by Simposio through all the steps, because we think that also micro-enterprises have the right to access foreign markets.


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