These services are the real added value of the Simposio Agency in the entire process of development of a new business on behalf of the Client.

We can identify 5 fundamental stages for the creation of a new project:

1. contact with new clients1. the sales representative of Il Simposio makes the first phone calls, send the introductive documents and schedules a meeting
2. first meeting
2. Il Simposio assists the company during the first 4-5 meetings as required
3. creation of a commercial proposal3. Il Simposio prepares the graphic layout and sends the commercial proposal
4. phone consultation after the proposal4. the sales representative calls back the potential client
5. scheduling of a new meetings to end the negotiation 5. Il Simposio schedules the last meeting when the potential client is ready to sign the agreement

Simposio interacts with the Client in every step of the process using a CRM that can be accessed simultaneously both by the Client and the Agency, networked together for real-time information sharing.


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