The know-how acquired during the projects developed gradually led us to identify the basic criteria of the best business plan for the Italian company, which takes shape and is modeled according to some subjective elements:

⦁ the market segment to be attacked
⦁ the commercial message to convey: to move a product, a service, a solution, the set of skills?
⦁ The level of competition
⦁ Other specifications identified in the initial analysis phase

The commercial plan includes the documents of SAL (Progress Progress Statements) quarterly and some monthly Milestone (Agile Project Management) according to which we receive our compensation. The actions of the plan are scheduled at the beginning of the collaboration and reported in a complete editorial plan which includes: messages to be communicated commercially – target of the plan – communication channels in which the message is declined in an organic and integrated manner – estimates of returns.
The investment follows the work progress plan in line with the As A Service.

The participation of Simposio in the growth project of a Micro-enterprise, provides full support for the commercial dynamics functional to acquire new customers: the contribution of Simposio as a Marketing Agency is foreseen at all stages of the commercial sphere, from the creation of marketing tools (brochure – website – coordinated image), the active commercial phase (customer selection – generation of customer appointments – creation of offers – recalls of customers met to finalize negotiations) up to the management phase of social networks and relationships with their users .

We are aware that in a company who deals with the commercial very often works in production, administration and all sections that require labor: in this way we pay less attention to the acquisition of new customers.
Simposio through a commercial method, leads the Partner in the process of acquiring new customers.
And the business risk for a marketing plan together with the Symposium? Ask us for an evaluation of your company and of your current sales channels.
Below we show you the flow of Client / Agency communications and the figures used in the project.